We offer high quality HTML5 games for licensing, branding and distribution. All games can be adjusted to fit your particular needs and style.


Our HTML5 games work on iOS, Android and desktop web browsers.


is the newest version of HTML that allows cross-compatibility. Games built using HTML5 can be played in desktop and mobile internet browsers. No need for additional plugins!


Undead Drive

Undead Drive is a combination of a driving game and a zombie game! Use your car to pick up survivors, kill zombies and collect cash. The longer you last, the more cash you get, and the more you level up!

Princess Pet Studio

Dress a pet for one of the eight princesses. Earn gems and buy fabulous items for your own pet in Princess Pet Studio.

Mr. Miner

Dig up the gold in Mr. Miner and earn cash to improve your digging machine. You can also pull other precious ores and items out of the dirt. Aim carefully with your grappling hook and go for the most valuable items!

8 Gears

8 Gears is a cute puzzle game in which you have to link up the power generator with gears. Direct the current by moving and connecting the smiley gears.

Rival Rush

Rival Rush is a fast paced racing game where the player has to avoid traffic with the goal to pass their rival.

Blob Bop

Pop all the cute blobs in this fast paced tapping game. Get rid of each wave before the time runs out.

Speed Boat

Drive through tricky canals and avoid the other boats.

Chompy's Nom

Test your reflexes by helping Chompy eat all the energy on each planet.

Fly High

Birdy wants to fly high. Take her as high as you can in this exciting climbing game.

Dungeon March

Delve into dangerous dungeons, defeat mighty enemies, solve tricky puzzles and collect awesome loot!

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